Your chance to vote Green on Thursday

Photo of Darren Woodiwiss

Darren Woodiwiss, Green Party candidate in Harborough West

This Thursday Leicestershire’s voters have a chance to elect a new county council. Harborough Greens’ four candidates join 15 others from across Leicestershire seeking to provide a strong green voice at County Hall.

The party has made a five-point pledge for its this election. Green councillors will fight for:

Local green spaces
Decent social care
Air fit to breathe
Affordable homes
Action on climate change

We also want to attract businesses to Leicestershire that focus on recycling, generating renewable energy, energy saving and home insulation. This would bring investment and new jobs to the area.

Darren Woodiwiss, who is standing in Harborough West, said, “We are pleased that voters in Harborough will have the opportunity to vote for Green Party candidates. We need a green voice at county level to fight austerity and protect jobs and services. We also need to promote sustainable local action on preventing air pollution, tackling climate change, and protecting wildlife.”

Candidates for the other county divisions in Harborough are Jamie Ackerley in Harborough East, Karon Phillips in Launde, and David Green in Gartree.

At a national level, the Green party is fielding a record number of candidates in the elections on May 4, with 1,561 standing across England, Scotland and Wales.

Jonathan Bartley, Co-leader of the Green Party said,

“Our message today is clear: vote Green on May 4 and our councillors will stand up for the environment, whether they are fighting fracking, improving air quality, investing in renewable power and natural flood defences or divesting council pensions from fossil fuels.

“Wherever they are elected, Green councillors make a meaningful difference in their communities, by working with other progressive parties to improve people’s lives and oppose unnecessary cuts to local services. Everyone deserves proper social care and to live in their own home.

“The Green Party is the only party fighting both an extreme Brexit and Tory Government cuts, protecting public services locally while strengthening relationships internationally.”

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