Our Green Guarantee: economy, environment and NHS among key priorities

IMG_1207Harborough Greens have welcomed today’s publication of the Green Guarantee,  a set of key priorities for Green MPs elected on June 8th. At the Green Guarantee launch in central London, co-leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley pledged that Green MPs will fight to transform politics and create a confident and caring country.

Closer to home, Green Party candidate for Harborough, Darren Woodiwiss said, “Green MPs would act to protect the environment, reverse the privatisation of the NHS, properly fund our schools and give people a referendum on the terms of any Brexit deal.”

On the economy, the Green Party wants to see a programme of green investment that would not only protect the environment, but create jobs. Darren said:

“A green economy would be innovative and benefit communities. We want to see support for small business, co-operatives, mutuals and social enterprises.

“We should also support start-ups and creative enterprises through community credit and green investment, to provide opportunities for young people.”

The Party has pledged to immediately guarantee the rights of EU citizens, protect freedom of movement and give the British public, rather than just Parliament, the final say on any EU deal.

The Green Guarantee also promises to ‘take steps towards the introduction of a universal basic income, including a government sponsored pilot scheme’ and ‘phase in’ a shorter working week.

You can read more about the Green Guarantee here: https://www.greenparty.org.uk/green-guarantee/

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