Vote with your heart, and vote Green

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Tomorrow the country goes to the polls, with the future of the country and our public services at stake. When you vote, remember that every Green vote is an endorsement of the policies in the Green Guarantee, of our vision for a caring, compassionate and outward looking Britain.

Speaking on the eve of polling day, Jonathan Bartley, Co-leader said:

“My message to voters ahead of tomorrow is to vote with your heart, and vote Green. If we wake up to a Conservative government on June 9, Green MPs will hold them to account, whether it’s by calling out the government for bringing the NHS to its knees or fighting an extreme Brexit. We’d be making sure a Labour government delivered on the bold promises in its manifesto – and taking them even further.

“I’m calling on people across the UK to vote not just for the MP they want, but the kind of country they want. The Green Party stands for a caring a confident country, that invests in public services, protects the environment and would give the people of Britain a say on the final Brexit deal. We’ll always stand up for what matters and fight for an inclusive, tolerant society with a positive vision for a sustainable future.”

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