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Warm welcome for a green energy future

Harborough Greens have welcomed the party’s new environment manifesto, published yesterday. Darren Woodiwiss, who will be the Green Party’s candidate for Harborough in the general election said, “This is a significant announcement by the Green Party. Tackling climate change, promoting … Continue reading

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Without Europe, it is difficult to see our government taking air pollution seriously

In the first of a series of blog posts, David Green looks at some of the arguments for remaining in the European Union One of the unfortunate characteristics of the long-running referendum campaign is the degree of negative campaigning from … Continue reading

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Climate change: What sort of action can be taken locally? #ClimateSense

By David Green As 150 countries pledge to reduce carbon emissions ahead of the Paris summit on climate change, scientitsts warn that the Antartic ice is melting so fast the entire continent could be at risk by 2100; and so contributing … Continue reading

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Impact of government subsidy cuts underway as solar workers pay with job losses

So another solar energy firm is closing as a result of the subsidy cuts taking effect in January. This comes on top of the 900 job losses already announced at Leicester based company The Mark Group, and the 120 jobs … Continue reading

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Farming of the sun and the wind: three questions

Against a backdrop of Jeremy Corbyn’s success at becoming Labour leader, and how that might affect the progressive vote, James Waddington offers a bare bones structural analysis of Green Party policy… It seems that while they coincide in many areas, … Continue reading

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Putting nuclear “white elephant” before renewables makes no sense

By David Green Despite an array of expert opinion lining up against them, the Conservative government appears adamant that the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station will be built. Money it seems is no object when it comes to supporting … Continue reading

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